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Trading vs. Investing

Trading and investing are two ways to make money in the financial market. They differ greatly in their risk level, timeframe, and skills required. Before deciding to trade, it is important to carefully consider that ...

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) explains how risk and return are related and how diversification can minimize risk and improve return. Find out about how modern portfolio theory works and how you can use it to design an investment portfolio.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Spreading your investments across multiple asset classes helps optimize your portfolio for your investment goal. Find out about the two most common asset allocation strategies that you can apply to your investments.

Asset Classes

Diversifying your portfolio with multiple asset classes can help you manage risks when investing. Learn about the four ...

Investment Risks

Before investing, you need to consider your own risk tolerance and understand the risks related to your investment. Risks can manifest for either an individual asset, or for entire market. Learn about the different types of risks and what you can do to keep your risks at an acceptable level.

Pitfalls of Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is one of the most influential theories in investment. The core ideas in the theory have merit and can be very useful, however, there are some shortcomings with MPT due to ...

High-Yield Bonds

High yield bonds, also called junk bonds, are corporate or government bonds with higher risk than investment grade bonds. The pay higher interest, and have special characteristics that make them interesting to investors. Find out about the risks and rewards of high yield bonds so that you can decide whether to include them in your portfolio.

Should I Pay off My Mortgage?

Paying off or repaying your mortgage early can greatly reduce your total interest cost and you might even give you a sense of satisfaction for being debt-free. But, is paying down the loan better than the other options your have?

How Do Loans Work?

There is lot to think about when taking out a loan and choosing the offer that best works for you. Getting familiar with the basic concepts and learning about the process can greatly help reduce the stress, and help you make the best decision.