Simplify your financial planning

With Eqtor's simulation tool, you can easily model financial scenarios and make informed decisions.

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Simplify decisions

By providing you with clear and understandable financial outcomes, Eqtor makes it simple to compare plans and make decisions.

Prepare for risks

Using Eqtor you can explore the relevant "What Ifs" for your situation, and take calculated risks considering the consequences.

Save time

Eqtor's simulation engine reliably handles the number crunching and makes it quick and painless for you to get the information you need so you can focus on making the best decisions.

Eqtor's Simulation Engine

Eqtor allows you to build simulation models by putting together basic elements. There is a rich set of features that should support most use cases. If there is something missing which you need, we'd be happy to hear from you!

Incomes and Expenses

  • Recurrent & non-recurrent amounts
  • Fixed & varying amounts
  • Uncertainties
  • Configurable taxation for related incomes and expenses


  • Customizable tax model
  • Progressive & fixed tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Configurable tax year
  • Tax deductions
  • Tax loss carryforward


  • Fixed & adjustable interest
  • Amortized & interest only loans
  • Negative amortization
  • Tax deductible interest
  • Loan refinancing
  • Accelerated payments, holidays, payoff penalties


  • Buy/sell transactions
  • Asset-related expenses
  • Capital gains tax
  • Tax deductions

Financial Outcomes

  • Equity chart
  • Annual tax summaries
  • Loan amortization schedules

How It Works


Eqtor's questionnaire collects the needed information.


Eqtor runs the simulation and does all the calculations.


You get a report of outcome of the simulation.